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What is the Varsity Off-Season Training Schedule for 2020?

This year we will be training 3 days a week Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in January and February. We will transition to four days a week in March. Workouts will begin at 3:00 and will typically conclude at 4:30. These workouts will include speed development and weight lifting. On days that we work skill development the pick up times may be slightly extended. We will do our best to inform the boys of any changes to the schedule. All workout dates are posted on the Coach's Calendar. 


What are Panther Pride Points?

Each player will be awarded pride points for attending workouts, school events, and charitable programs set up by the coaching staff. This year we will have two Pride Point sessions: Winter and Spring. At the conclusion of each session players that acquire enough points will be awarded with USC gear. Our boosters have been a great supporter of this program and it was a great success in 2019. 


Is there a cost for the Winter and Spring strength and conditioning sessions?

There is no charge for the Winter and Spring sessions. 


What if I play another sport. Can I still workout with the football team?

We believe our players should be multi-sport athletes. We also believe lifting weights year round will benefit you in every sport you play. We welcome any player that can fit our workouts into their schedule and would like to continue lifting weights with the football team. We also offer early morning workouts for players that are not available in the afternoon due to practices or games. We like to maintain a strong relationship with the other sports in the building, so make sure to communicate with your head coach about your training schedule. 


Will there be a Spring strength and conditioning session for incoming 9th graders this year?

Our 2020 9th grade strength and conditioning program will begin on April 28th and run through June 4th. Players will be given the opportunity to attend two lifting sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the spring session. A bus will be provided to transport players from Fort Couch to the High School. The pick up time and permission slips will be provided the closer we get to April 28th. There is no charge for the Spring program.


Will there be a 9th grade team for the 2020 season?

We are planning on fielding a 9th grade team in the fall. Our 8th grade numbers were strong and we will be meeting with the players in the spring to encourage them to be a part of the 9th grade program. Our players had a great experience in 2019 and we are excited about the incoming 9th graders!


Should I get my son an outside trainer for speed, weights, or skills development?

Our lifting and speed development program is an excellent program designed to get your son ready for the rigors of 5A football. Being a member of the team is an important aspect of football and training together helps to build our team bond. If you do seek outside training for your son you need to make sure to inform Coach Junko so we avoid scheduling conflicts and over training injuries.




What is the USC Football Summer Strength and Conditioning Program?

Our summer conditioning program is designed to give our incoming players grades 7-12 an opportunity to lift, condition, and work on football skill development as a team. It is a vital part of building team chemistry and making sure our players are ready for the fall.


What are the summer workout dates and times?

Our summer conditioning program runs from July 1st to August 7th. For varsity players training will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the week. Grades 7-9 will train on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays during the week. There will also be 7 on 7 workouts for the skill positions grades 10-12 during the summer (check the calendar for details). Workout times will be held from 7:30-9:45 for the entire summer.


What grades are eligible to attend the summer conditioning program?

Our summer conditioning program is open to all incoming players grades 7-12. While they will report at the same time for workouts Grades 7-9 will train separately from the varsity players grades 10-12. With grades 7-9 we will focus on the fundamentals of lifting weights and on field skill development.


How much does it cost to enroll my son in the summer football conditioning program?

The cost for the summer program is $149.


If my son is in High School can my son participate in football conditioning and the school’s summer physical education classes?

Due to the time conflict with our summer conditioning program, it is our strong recommendation that your son does not take phys ed classes in the summer, however, the 2020 Summer Gym will be completed online so players should not have a problem taking gym class during the summer of 2020.


What weeks should I plan for my family vacation?

Vacation should be scheduled during the weeks of June 29th-July 3rd as well as July 29th-August 3rd. We strongly encourage families to schedule vacations and college visits during these two weeks.


What if our family vacation does not fall on the dates set by the football program?

If your son will be missing summer workouts due to a family vacation outside of the football vacation weeks please contact Coach Junko directly. We strongly encourage that all vacations not take place after August 5th. If, however,  a conflict arises please contact Coach Junko.


Should I be concerned that my son has very little experience with weight lifting?

Our staff is trained to teach anyone from novice to experts on how to properly lift weights. Our program for the middle school is designed to teach our players proper technique and we have multiple coaches in the weight room monitoring their progress at all times. Our program provides a great introduction to safely lifting weights.


What should you bring each day to workouts?

Players should wear shorts and t-shirts for workouts. You should have a pair of cleats and a pair of athletic shoes to wear in the weight room. Lockers and water will be provided. Our workouts will take place rain or shine.

Will my son have to fundraise for the program?

We encourage all players to get involved in our fundraising efforts. Our boosters and our coaching staff will also be very active in trying to raise money for our program. There is not, however, a required amount that any player must raise. Each campaign brings its own opportunities for our players to get involved and it is our hope that they are excited about those opportunities.


If you have other questions you can send those directly to Coach Junko at