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Booster fundraisers are Football Programs

High school football teams can't raise the funds they need. It takes money to pay for equipment, uniforms, bleachers, goal posts and travel expenses. So where do these funds come from? The answer is booster fundraisers.

The problem for booster clubs is to design a fundraiser that everyone will be enthusiastic about, despite the fact that they are fortunate to have a built-in set of fundraisers (students and their parents).

Here are a few football fundraisers any booster club can try:

  • Ask for outright donations.

  • Creative booster club fundraising events.

  • Sell products like popcorn or coffee.

Do not focus on just football themed events although they can be effective. Look at other ways boosters are raising money.

Hold a summer football camp

There are many younger brothers and sisters to the schools football players. In this booster event you can hold a football clinic to teach how to throw, catch and kick a football. You can alo teach basic blocking techniques and how to run some simple plays. Charge a fee for the class and sign up as many people as you can.

Hosting a students vs. teachers event

Here the kids must donate in order to participate in this kind of fundraising. This could take the form of a fake snowball war or a water balloon fight where students "pay" a donation for each water balloon. In either case, everyone gets a chance to let off some steam. Bets of all money is donated along the way to support student activities.

Scavenger Hunt

With the advent of the contemporary smartphone, traditional scavenger hunts have been given new life. Take a look at websites and apps that each put a unique spin on this fun event. An example of an app you can try is called GooseChase.

How does it work?

Text clues form the foundation of GooseChase. Title, text, and images can all be utilized as part of the clues while setting up a treasure hunt online, according to the booster parent administrator.. In order to find the answers, the location, or anything else the hunt requires, hunters download a mobile app and use the clues. The proof is provided by the seekers in the form of text and photos, which are uploaded to the website in real time. It was really easy to set up the quest from one's workplace.

Fundraising ideas for football teams during covid

Product sales

Product sales are the way to go here. Examples of this are gift wrap sales, cookie dough sales and snacks too. There are companies that specialize in booster fundraisers. You can find them on google.


Reach out to all of the businesses in your community. See if they are interested in sponsoring your team or adverising. You can run promotions on a team website or facebook page. Also think about banners and signs that can be shown during the home games.

Sell team memorabilia

Think about putting your teams logo on shirts, jackets, hats, caps, and back packs. Sweat shirts are very popular in the fall. And team jerseys are popular sellers too.

We hope these booster fundraisers for football teams are helpful.


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